YouTube Algorithm Secrets for 2022

    in just 90 seconds how you think about the youtube algorithm will completely change even better you'll have a clear understanding of what actually works when it comes to getting views here on youtube you see the algorithm it's changing and it's becoming more challenging to succeed, however, it's still very possible especially when you understand the power tip I'll share in just seconds back in the day the algorithm was easy to game you could spam keywords clickbait was effective and getting views was easy however today those strategies are outdated and they simply don't work just like filming in 4k youtube tags and descriptions 

    now I bet you've already heard that tags don't work a million times however if you've ever seen this graphic about tags i wonder if you've seen this statement tags play a minimum role in helping viewers find your video because that the statement contains a huge clue as to what actually does generate views in helping viewers find your video today the key to getting more views is understanding how the algorithm measures viewers check it out recently youtube began showing these video rating cards to viewers after they click and watch a particular video especially 

    if that video does really well notice the question what did you think of this video and the viewer then has the opportunity to rate the video via the star rating system, you see today youtube's algorithm entire focus is really understanding just how much viewers like a particular video now I get it you're probably saying of course but let me ask you this do you really understand in detail how that actually works do you understand how the algorithm determines just how much viewers like a video 

    if you don't keep watching because here's the thing once you understand that very thing getting views is so much easier here on youtube now i like to think about this as a video likeability that is just how much obviously viewers like a particular video and the algorithm measures this in numerous ways look closely and you'll find lots of clues here's an example latest video performance which is located in plain sight right here on the home page of youtube studio 

    you can't miss it and that's no mistake because youtube wants to ensure creators get the metrics that matter the most when it comes to generating views This right here impression click-through rate and average view duration the better these metrics are the more watch time a video gains and the more likely the video gets even more views 

    but there's more click on this link go to video analytics and you'll find even more clues the secret to the youtube algorithm is this engagement click on engagement and you'll find lots of different ways that the youtube algorithm measures the most important engagement metrics including watch time view duration retention likes dislike and end screen clicks and here's where it gets really weird to check out this video with over a million views the average view duration is only two minutes in 12 seconds and yet the video gets 1500 views every single day 

    and grows my channel why because many of the other metrics are out of this world they're really great they're fantastic holy smokes look at that end screen click-through rate over 20 percent power tip if you ever wondered how effective something will be when it comes to increasing your views here on youtube simply ask yourself this one single question can this metric or youtube tip measure or improve viewer engagement and the things that I like to talk about like great editing storytelling delivery lighting audio all of these things can absolutely improve the engagement of viewers and thus can really help you to grow your channel here on youtube speaking of that click on the video right now to learn some really powerful strategies when it comes to end screens that'll get you more views click and watch when you do you're gonna feed a poodle i got two poodles and they're hungry you dig

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