What is Electromagnetic Induction

Introduction of Electromagnetic Induction

Electromagnetic induction In this lesson we will learn about Electromagnetic induction Electromagnetic phenomena Induction can be shown by test Find copper wire isolated on paper or wooden cylinder to form a coil In the form of solenoid Connect two ends of the coil to a Galvanometer and place a close magnet he Zero galvanometer reading When a stationary magnet Pointer from galvanometer deflecting heading right when the north pole Magnet was moved towards solenoid Galvanometer shows zero reading when Magnet movement stopped this Prove that as long as the magnet continues Moving currents flow in solenoid If the magnet is moved from the solenoid current flows otherwise direction in solenoid thus Galvanometer turns left Deflection increases if a magnet move with greater speed If the polarity is magnetic Reverse and magnet closed to solenoid then the current flows in opposite direction with galvanometer hence spinning to the left 

faraday's observation

    Ferriday observed that the current flowed in Koi only when there is a brother motion between rolls and magnets Direction of deflection inside. Galvanometer is reversed if Direction of movement behind now in the coil and appropriate deflection Galvanometer can be increased by using a strong magnet or increased Magnet movement increases the area or the number of turns also creates a strong current in the coil According to Faraday when there is no relative movement between magnets and magnetic flux coil inside the coil remains constant so Galvanometer does not show deflection But when the magnet is moved towards Coil magnet flux or vice-versa Changes and EMF induced coil if the circuit finishes EMF cause the current to flow through it 

magnitude and direction of induced emf

    Based on Faraday's experiment. formulate two electromagnetic laws induction Every time there is a change magnetic flux that is linked to the coil Electro-motif induced power The magnitude of the induced EMF is straight with level changes in magnetic flux that are linked with Rolls. the direction of the induced EMF depends on whether there is an increase or Reduce magnetic flux John Ambrose Fleming gave two rules for determine the direction of motion or Currently induced direction While the left rule is for electricity Motorcycle rules for generator According to the right rule fleming index finger and middle finger from the right hand stretched perpendicular to each other and f thumb represents the direction of movement Presentor Prowefinger represents direction of magnetic fields and a Middle finger represents direction induced now 

lenz law

     Lenz's law stated that direction EMF is induced in such a way that always tend to oppose the causes that produce he Lenz's law obeyed Newton's third law Movement stating that for each action There is always equivalent and opposite reaction This is also in accordance with conservation law energy states that energy cannot made or destroyed because of the number of all energy in the system is a constant Lenz's law is based on Faraday's law induction Lenz's law states that when EMF Produced by changes in magnetic flux According to Faraday's law, polarity from an EMF that is induced in such a way produce a current which is a magnetic field oppose changes that produce it You

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