The Best pieces Of The Damaged World

Why the world cannot be broken back together stronger and better than ever before We can get up and create something Beautiful together I will start by admitting elephant in the room We all experience big changes and big challenges now in the world We all know about economic insecurity and interference with every aspect of life and for many people emphasize and challenges for mental and physical Health plus strains on relationships Let me introduce you to something lure me when I first saw it changed my perspective on how to see the world Kintugugi's Japanese art use broken pottery This is a tiring process to place the pieces back together 

    This special art uses gold to connect pieces make something even more valuable and even more beautiful than the original article to be the most valuable part of us The destroyed world is gold found When we look for it gold who follows lines break and connect the pieces together in a damaged relationship if The couple still loves each other Gold was found in the work finished both individually and as a partner The relationship may never be 

    But just like that can be better Because gold was found in communicating understanding learn and respecting each other a new relationship can be more exciting and full of discovery gold is a gift to put working in Continuous relationship through this challenging time Possible by using technology The goal is that so many people see each other via zoom and facetime Wherever they live in the world yes no one defeated physically Hug and connection, However, 

    there is a reward in changing our thinking and realizing that we can see each other more often than we have ever done before if we don't do it adhere to using technology for visual communication The aim is because people trying to appreciate each other and their relationship is not taken just like that My mother lives abroad she's too late The 90s and quite deaf my sister lives in the same country but quite far from it he was in care and he was in his heart Since he was 13 years old. with the help of my sister's caregiver and Use of technology my mother and I can see my sister and talk with higher 

    The three of us have beautiful ones connected time and he shows us the painting and pictures he has done This is a beautiful time and my Mother can see her face so much easier to read lips and much easier than talking to his phone My sister has improved extraordinarily The smile on my mother's face is gold and my mother is very happy that happiness I am golden talk about happiness Did you know that the happiest race on World is the Finnish race of Finnish people Report of world happiness 2021 compiled by Columbia University and Poll Gallup World. Finland's value as the happiest country for the fourth year followed by Danish Iceland Switzerland 

    and the Netherlands Interesting tradition and culture to explore when we are looking for gold Many difficult traditions Translate into English and more is a concept than traditional take sisu for example which is the concept of finishing determination and grit The word comes from celsius who entered Finland literally means guts or intestines has been explained in the finish Dictionary as a location in the body where strong emotions come from during difficult times and when Finland became independent of Russia in 1917 Sisu can be seen as that social glue Helps define the nation Other Nordic countries like Denmark with Hugo culture which is Warmth and pleasure time together Comfortable spindle atmospheric lights something simple like holding a cup coffee with two hands instead of one embrace 

    the warmth and appreciation Desire and connection Sweden has a lagom that is approximately translated means not too little no very precise It reminded me of Goldilocks and become a comfortable balance Right, In other words, a balanced amount Everything in life What is needed to be satisfied many of us in this challenging age has clutalized and explored Minimalist. and take stock of what really is important in life elimination and release ourselves literally and metaphysically is Refresh and create space for what's important many more people learn the benefits of cleaning the head of garbage from past and physical chaos from present Through this process Elimination and take stock 

    that we make the gold discovery It's already there all the time there are more evolution than this just talk or read about it it's through the experience that we are evolving and change the business has changed through Needs during these times today Gold is the time that has been saved and by using creativity which is the highest expression we can change our business to be Something fun User friendly and environmentally friendly 

    Many people have found Use technology and use it for their advantage even parents are studying and exploring Benefits of Embracing Technology has existed big transformation for me personally I don't again feel in a hurry away from one place to the place I save time and money by working more online It's a convenient and unlimited possibility, For example, I can help someone online by spending more than one hour with it in Asia I helped him to pass the jacket Scarf clothes while in me Laptop. and we have extraordinary conversations for More than one 

    and a half hours he appreciates what time and opinions are feminine about what to keep and what should be removed in his clothes and it's easy to be placed into our daily the schedule even has to travel Anywhere Other great global concepts are Meraki I see this in a cafe, color actually called the Meraki it has the description is written on the wall on café This is the Greek word for something with the creativity of soul or love, In other words, put something yourself in what you do anything it may be There are many other traditional concepts and culture that has similar meanings for what I have discussed here What is your own version of this global draft.

 what can we look for in today's day to bring young love, connect, and create identify ways to move forward with Courage and determination. what can we find that will shine through During these difficult times gold is there glowing through crack We can use these concepts and our hearts to connect our heads to create and our brave courage to move forward to make and specify a new one a better and more valuable world which has evolved from the best Traditional and cultural pieces the best piece that includes compassion creativity and courage in our world, we can use this gold wisdom to sculpt Create and connect our beautiful world use what we already have This is in the process of elimination We reveal gold in it Please now and find the gold is in you and around you open your eyes and your heart found that remarkable connectors are gold Discover a whole new world that opes for all of us

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