Technological dependence

has this ever happened to you you were going to check your important messages but instead, you end up scrolling through Instagram Snapchat, and all social media and distracting apps it's definitely happened to me many times according to Statista there are 4.7 billion active internet users and I mean active that is slightly over the half of the world population as I was sitting in my living room writing this I realized everyone was staring into their devices of course, it is amazing that the human civilization developed something so wonderful like the access to the virtual world but that doesn't mean we shouldn't stay grounded and be less connected to the real-world unless you want to become creatures like a machine with jaded feelings and emotions which i truly doubt technology makes you behave clearly more stressful 52 of technological consumers have reported 

    that technology leads a huge role in their life I remember when I was in fifth grade i dreamed of bringing my laptop to school and using it almost the whole day however now my attitude has been changing rapidly in an opposite direction perhaps the pandemic pushed it on too nowadays when I see my device I think oh no work again my thought process has completely changed through the past few years i am glad that we still have some projects left where we can put away the word and PowerPoint and write an essay by hand or write on posters because it is clearly not as stressful and makes you notice the little details from the surroundings which you wouldn't have realized if we continued our online ways due to the corona lockdown social media time increased by 66 from 116 to 193 minutes per day today's youth is exposed to a wide range of electronic distractions thus much influence from the childhood according to an experiment from the University of Maryland teenagers who explore 

    the digital world alone in their rooms are under significant stress factor-like social isolation Germany is not an exception and technology addiction is spread here too did you know that 2.6 percent of teens at the ages of 12 to 17 in Germany in 2018 were addicted to their technical devices brain researchers found out that teenagers teenager's brains are especially easy to stimulate and that and that technical device with internet access have a similarly addictive effect on the teenage brain as drugs the drugs stimulate the reward center in the brain causing a high level of dopamine also known as the feel-good hormone so if there is a non-controlled use of technical devices your brain gets used to the stimulation and as a result technology addiction emerges technology addiction is an impulse control disorder in using mobile and computer devices or video games of course with the internet connection children ages 10 8 to 18 spend an average of 10 hours a day on 

    the screen this is defined as technology dependency it sounds bad but if we don't start to solve this problem now it will become worse and worse because technology addiction technology increases every single day and soon it will be almost impossible to even spend a couple of hours without your phone for most, it might be already impossible today moreover, researchers found out that technology addiction is one of the main reasons for sleep problems healthy sleep is very important for your concentration and an overall health ultimately if you don't get enough healthy sleep regularly your immune system weakens and there is a greater probability of getting diseases such as a heart attack high blood pressure or diabetes personally, i think I should decrease my screen time to be more present in the real-life for example to read more books to meet up with more friends to pursue lots of offline activities similar to those, my parents, did in their youth like attending chess and literature clubs sports clubs singing and dancing courses 

    now admittedly there is the pandemic I understand that however there are still enough options to bond with your family since they are more often home than before so far my longest screen time was 7 hours and 20 minutes of course during homeschooling I use my iPad and laptop not only to learn and lookup things for school but also for watching Netflix, yeah as you can see we use technology nearly for everything from school work to relaxation and even socialization while well while trying to socialize online the opposite is the case it indeed replaces the real-life me by cyber me which then as a result, unfortunately, leads to social isolation, however, you can prevent technology addiction by making clear steps for yourself like limiting your social media time by keeping your device out of sight so if you're for example in your bedroom 

    then leave your technology in the living room this will prevent you from feeling attracted to it but instead to learn about new distractions in your room like reading or learning or drawing yeah another thing you could try is setting outdoor activities over technology as a priority so the thing you could do is go for a morning walk this will start your day off a lot less stressful and will lead you to the right direction these are only one of the main many steps you could follow to reduce the technology consumption a little more to conclude I want to mention that technology has as many disadvantages as advantages or even more disadvantages which you should honestly consider too much use of technology may make you more stressful and stressed and addicted especially teens are susceptible to the negative effects of technology despite 

    the fact that they're sort of technology experts so technology has a similarly addictive effect on our brains as drugs if you use your device uncontrollably it can even make you seriously sick or due to for example the lack of sleep my aim was to show the risks of overuse on technologies and how we should keep balance and eventually slow down the pace let it be us to keep the world in balance

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