Reverse Engineering a UFO

inside this hangar, a team of scientists is hard at work trying to reverse-engineer UFO witnesses reported a massive craft capable of unearthly performance but what could explain these capabilities the 

    investigators have already ruled out rockets and rulers as propulsion for the craft reported by Tim Lee at 8:13 just minutes before Tim Lee's sighting Prescott Arizona resident and Baker reported a huge Chevron shaped craft with five lights moving slowly and silently toward Phoenix from the north initially, her description sounds similar to the others but Baker reported that the craft did something beyond imagination 

    after slowly drifting by the bright lights changed color and the craft accelerated at blinding speeds and shot off towards Phoenix physicist Pavlov's Michael Eady's investigates he applies breakthrough physics to the question of how this craft could fly the scientist is forced to think outside the box okay we have basically eliminated all the technologies that are available to us today so now we have to actually start to expand our thinking to perhaps more advanced concepts these concepts are so advanced that they still haven't made it from the drawing board to the launchpad one is electromagnetic propulsion this the advanced system would be powerful enough to make the huge craft fly unlike traditional rockets that use 

    vast amounts of fuel for liftoff electromagnetism could provide amply power to spacecraft without the need for propellants to create such an energy source electromagnets are super cool to extremely low temperatures and then electricity is applied to them at these temperatures electromagnets demonstrate unusual behavior for the first few nanoseconds after electricity are applied they vibrate in fact the magnets vibrates so rapidly as fast as 400,000 times per second 

    that they create vast amounts of energy more than any chemical fuel if engineers could provide enough power to get it going then this vibration could provide enough of a jolt to send a craft farther and faster into space than any propulsion system known to man and it would be silent electromagnetic power fits many of the criteria for the craft eyewitnesses described the hovering could be performed the 90-degree turns could be performed the very high speeds could be performed as long as you can provide electrical power within reasonable power supply systems as far as the weight is concerned all these things could be done electrically will do it silently but we don't have the power to accelerate enough mass see that's the key if that's the key power electromagnetism could work but it requires far more power than scientists can currently generate

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