How to make building robots a children’s game

there is a big difference between using a computer and actually understanding how it works or is programmed many of us tend to just consume technology and children copy this behavior because they are learning from those who are often intimidated by technology like their parents or teachers how do we break this cycle i wanted to make sure that a child starting school today would not look back in 30 years regretting that they have not considered learning programming as an option for themselves like myself later in life when I realized that programming is a superpower I began to think how can we make learning programming as natural as learning a language and what if we could make it possible for children to be creative with technology at the same age 

    when they learn how to read and write and I knew I have to try to make it possible children learn they're first foreign language often in kindergarten or in a primary school and usually, they progress very quickly because they are not afraid of making mistakes a mispronouncing world words like all the children or adults do they're learning unconsciously and speaking a foreign language becomes natural to them my co-founders and I wanted to make creating this technology natural for the next generation so we decided to do it at the age which would make it a truly natural experience in kindergarten and in primary school and we wanted to make it an engaging play inspired by lego we decided to make it possible for children to build their own technology how by creating blocks they can use to build their own robots we call them robot wunderkind building blocks we take electronic components and put them inside colorful child-friendly building blocks by snapping those blocks together children create their own robots 

    we have blue motor blocks yellow light blocks red sensor blocks in order to make the programming experience very intuitive for young children we decided to use visual programming interface it uses symbols instead of words so no reading skills is required and it follows the same color logic so all commands connected to motors are in blue conditions which require sensors iron red with robot-wunderkind, we are breaking a the complex world of robotics and coding down to its basic elements and one of the very early projects we recommend it's a welcoming robot for that, we need a brain ultrasonic sensor it measures a distance to an obstacle to an object in front of it led light and a button and I programmed my robot to greet me to react to my hand by making a sound and lighting up let's take a look hi robot 

    And now I will interact with it I will press a button to switch off the light those robots are cute and friendly but by building them children understand one thing technology is not magic it just follows certain principles and by learning those principles early in their lives, they will understand larger and more complex ones later down the line so once the welcoming bot is built we'll move on and add some motors and led metrics and now we have a robot that can move and also show emotions let's take a look our small robot is still happy 

    And so are children playing with our building blocks and what we personally found very very fascinating is that children are not afraid of technology adults are children building with a robot-wounded kind building blocks go on and create amazing projects like a robot that again can give massages to animals that just underwent the surgery hi I'm Meredith I'm six years old and for this week's challenge I built a robot that brushes pets after surgery or a robot that would cut wooden logs into lumber an important part of a supply chain 

ah or a robot that would join a musical performance because why not

    Today children in 500 schools in more than 20 countries are building playing and learning with our building blocks and i find it fascinating to see how they master technology and how they come up with ideas and projects that we never had in order to make a lasting change to make sure that future generations are not afraid of technology we need to give them a possibility to be creative with it early on and we can make building and programming robots a children's game thank you

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